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District Supervisor

The role of the district supervisor is to support the state coordinator and ensure all students in their district receive tutorial services. The district supervisor works closely with recruitment and training coordinator to ensure that all tutors complete new hire paperwork and other organizations required(setting up new hires session, following up on clearances, etc.). The responsibilities include: ensuring that all tutors follow and are compliant with all federal, state and local laws as it pertains to labor and other employment laws; making sure that tutors turn in all required paper work to appropriate staff; collecting and reviewing all tutors time sheets; developing a system and general protocol for collecting all required paper work as it pertains to students and tutoring   ( tutor logs, registration forms, etc.); ensuring that all paper work is turned in promptly; reviewing all paper work for accuracy and updating students data base on a weekly basis and completing and turning in service reports to appropriate program staff.

The district supervisor also supports recruitment and training as needed; addresses parent issues/concerns as needed; lead and present specific portions of the training as it pertains to internal protocol, systems and requirements; assist training and recruitment coordinator and credentialed teachers to develop comprehensive training orientation; provide support and making sure that all tutors have completed all training and paper work requirements as outlined SES State and LEA contract; assist in collecting and reviewing evaluation surveys to improve overall training and better understands tutoring needs.

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